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New Beginning HBP 
Homebuyers Partners 
Restoring Hope For Property Owners 


This is what we do

We are real estate problem solvers working together to help homeowners that are in a distress situation and need to sell their home fast. We can help homeowners avoid foreclosure and put some cash in their pocket. 


We also serve probate, divorce, non-occupied houses, loss of job, and any other distressed circumstances that would cause someone to not be able to pay their mortgage and would like to sell their property for fast cash. 


Fixing the home or making any improvements to the home is not necessary because we buy homes, “as-is”. 


We are investors that work together with the seller to create a win-win situation. We’d love to have a chat to see what your needs are and look for the best ways to help you.

We offer: 

Cash for your home in 10- 30 days. 

No fix-up needed because we buy "As-is".

No realtor commissions. 

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Even if you are not ready to sell your property 
we will gladly answer all your questions.

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